Fragments of thoughts: The corona crisis and the search for orientation. Or: Cultural and historical continuities?

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In the rituals of many cultures, people fought against the feeling of being at the mercy of nature or fate with colourful masks, which they put on in the belief that they could drive away evil spirits or summon protective deities. – These masks were often homemade.

Easter, the feast on which Christians commemorate the Resurrection of Jesus and the Redemption, is once again becoming a time of orientation, of decision, of the liberation that is desired and longed for.

And if Easter does not bring this redemption, then one probably orientates oneself towards Pentecost…
The role of the priests as advisors to governments, who are also held liable by the people when the decisions of the governments do not bring the hoped-for salvation, is also already filled again.

One fasts collectively, practising renunciation in order to set limits to the evil.

From a theological point of view, what is happening is interesting to look at.

…to be continued

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