Schmöker-Schnipsel: Die hart bloggenden Wissenschaftler

Im Internet bin ich auf das Manifest der »hard bloggin’ scientists« gestoßen. Ich kann nicht anders, weil ich es einen guten Ansatz finde, es muss hier zitiert werden!

I am a hard bloggin’ scientist.

This means in particular:
I believe that science is about freedom of speech.
2. I can identify myself with the science I do.
3. I am able to communicate my thoughts and ideas to the public.
4. I use a blog as a research tool. That means in particular, that I
– express my thoughts,
– get in contact with others,
– have a sketch of my process online,
– get feedback and new ideas from others.
5. I trust myself.
6. I surf a lot and I read a lot.
7. I blog once in a day/week/month.
8. I give comments once in a day/week/month on other blogs.
9. I am self-aware and critical.
10. I refer to the people who done the work first.
11. I give love and respect to the people.